ID lanyards are items widely used in the workplace as a way of prominently displaying identification. However, there are uses and tips for using ID lanyards to their fullest capabilities that many people do not know. Here are some facts about the use of the tried and true lanyard.

Because ID lanyards are so widely used in the workplace, it is a common misconception that this is their place. However, the lanyard if full of uses that can reach from the classroom to the workplace to the car pool. Yes you can use a lanyard to hold your identification in the office.  In fact, jewelry lanyards are making quite the splash in office buildings and hospitals all over the world. 

While the lanyard is, of course, one of the best ways to carry identification, this tool can also functionally carry keys and other small items. With the right attachment, jewelry lanyards can even hold your iPod. Anything that you may keep on a ring – from your mail key to your pepper spray – can be carried at the end of a stylish lanyard. A lanyard is a tool of convenience! 

Jewelry lanyards are not different in function than the standard lanyard made of nylon rope. The difference between the two is that a jewelry lanyard will typically feature colorful or elegant beading over strong and durable wire. The function doesn’t change, but the style certainly does. People who wear uniforms to work, such as those in the medical profession, enjoy the many options jewelry lanyards give them for dressing up work attire that can tend to become drab and dull after a while.

Another assumption that is often made about the lanyard is that this is an item that is worn only around the neck. The fact of the matter is that a lanyard can also be worn around the wrist if that is a more convenient option. Joggers may find it easier to wear their lanyard around the wrist. 

When worn around the wrist the jogger may be relatively unaware of the presence of the lanyard as it dangles only slightly from the wrist.

The lanyard has been around for quite a long time and has made its way from the coach’s neck to the halls of hospitals, trade shows, and office buildings. There isn’t a person out there who would not benefit from the convenience provided by a lanyard.  To purchase lanyards for your business or company go to  Because Plastic card ID has all the helpful tools needed for the safe and healthy operation of most businesses and companies.  Hail to the Lanyard!