Plastic Postcard Mailers

Excellent Brand Exposure!

The Highest Quality Plastic Postcard Mailers – Guaranteed!
Plastic Postcard Mailers are perfect for loyalty programs such as birthdays, rewards and special promotions! Vibrant colors and high quality materials provide excellent brand exposure for your company!

Plastic Card ID custom plastic postcard mailers are beautifully designed and priced to fit any marketing budget. We use top materials to produce high quality durable plastic card products. Plastic Card ID’s team is always available to answer your questions and help customize a plastic postcard mailer that is just right for your business.

Plastic Postcard Mailers

Plastic card mailers can be designed with a pop-out card embedded within as an added Call to Action or enticement to potential buyers to visit or contact your business and take advantage of your discount offers. Many convenient and attention-getting direct mail options, such as gift cards and membership cards, can be incorporated into plastic postcard mailers, making them one of the most versatile marketing tools.

Mailer Benefits

  • Plastic mailers are proven to more than double
    your response rate vs traditional mail
  • Quickest way to get your message to market vs television and radio
  • Best postage rates guaranteed
  • High value stands out and gets noticed in every mailbox
  • Each mailer speaks directly to each recipient
  • Customers retain breakaway card for extended exposure
  • Durable 30 mil layered plastic material
  • Quick turn times
  • Full Presort, and complete mailing capabilities
  • Stand alone vibrant, plastic piece mails without envelope
  • Personalize each piece to existing or new customers
  • Breakaway plastic card and key tag options
  • Durable laminate protects print
Plastic Postcard Mailer
Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards

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