Clear Plastic Cards

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Clear plastic business cards are much different than standard plastic business cards. Clear plastic business cards are gaining popularity because they offer dynamic, eye-popping originality.

The unique, see-through element gives them a special touch. Clear plastic cards can incorporate a variety of design elements, from frosting to partial full color printing; they are perfect for businesses and individuals looking for that competitive edge.

Features and Benefits:

  • Clear Plastic Cards
  • Clear business cards offer tactile interest with their smooth or raised surface textures.
  • Transparent cards are visually more interesting.
  • Clear Plastic cards are more durable than the traditional business card.
  • Clear plastic cards can be printed with the full color process on partial areas providing many different design options.
  • Available in the standard clear plastic or a matte plastic, slightly more opaque finish.
  • Clear plastic cards can also be embossed, foil stamped, and shaped to offer even more unique elements.
  • A variety of thicknesses are available for clear plastic business cards. The standards are 20 or 30 mil. is dedicated to making your business grow and supporting your success through the best printed plastic cards on the market.

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Clear Plastic Cards
Clear Plastic Cards

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