Investing in plastic cards has many benefits over paper printed business cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards, etc. Plastic cards are easy to keep clean and don’t tear or bend and easily fit with ease in your wallet or purse. Plastic cards make it easy to share your brand with your customers and affiliates.

Your Customers and Potential Customers Remain Engaged

Plastic cards can use a QR code or Barcode and be scanned using your smartphone. These QR codes can be loaded onto plastic cards, plastic business cards, plastic credit cards, plastic id cards, gift cards, plastic loyalty cards etc. They can be used to updated about your business, and notify your existing and potential future customers about any updates, new product launches and promotions you are having.

Building your Retail Brand

Retailers have always searched for ways to build their brand with their customers. Plastic cards especially plastic gift cards and membership cards now make it possible for businesses today to have their customers spread the word about your business by providing and distributing plastic gift cards and customer plastic loyalty cards to your customer base. Large retailers, restaurants, gas stations, clothing stores, jewelry stores, gas stations and even financial institutions with student loan programs will benefit from plastic cards. This is why you see a large mass of companies offering gift cards in the market place as it spreads into the consumer market. Gift cards are a great way to allow consumers the choice to select the products and or services they really want which makes for an appealing feature for both the consumer buying the gift card and for the consumer receiving the plastic gift card.

Plastic Cards are Earth “ECO Green” Friendly

Some plastic cards are made from recycled materials. Plastic gift cards are also made in most part with renewable materials.

Plastic Cards – Popular for Business

First and most important for the business owner, plastic business cards such as plastic id cards, plastic loyalty cards, plastic gift cards, membership cards are a very affordable way to both communicate, advertise, market, network and appreciate the business with consumers. Most paper cards end up in the trash or lost. This is why having an engaging and durable plastic card will most likely be used time and time again especially, it there is something memorable placed on your plastic card such as a QR code to scan for price saving discounts and promotions, or a dollar amount like a gift card.

Second, from the day you hand out your first plastic card, watch how your brand becomes shared by others. Plastic cards leave a lasting positive experience to the consumer. It is as if the consumer becomes your sales rep representing your brand to the his friends, family, associates and network and so on.

Plastic Card Advantages and Key Differentiators Over Paper

Plastic cards do not bend, tear or wrinkle. Plastic cards will hold up in your wallet or purse. Plastic cards can easily be cleaned. Plastic card networking may take time for consumers to contact you until they need your product and or services therefore, plastic cards will hold up for years, not like paper cards that can tear instantly.

Plastic Card Designs

Plastic cards give you a greater potential to advertise your business. They are better than website advertising, promotional banners, or coupons, etc. The possibilities to show off your brand is much greater with plastic cards.

Plastic Card Quality

It’s like your enjoying your most favorite sundae dessert every-day when you decide to utilize plastic cards to spread your brand. Gift cards and membership cards are the cherry on top of your marketing efforts. Plastic cards deserve the same attention you give to your website, your logos, your coupons, your advertising banners and should be accounted for in your business advertising budget as a necessary marketing tool and strategy.