The Evolis Badgy 200 is a plastic card printer designed for small volume card printing. It’s often used for applications such as ID badges, membership cards, and other similar uses. Here are some general features and information about the Badgy 200:

Card Types: The Badgy 200 is typically used for printing on PVC cards. These could include ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, and more.

Printing Technology:  It often uses dye-sublimation and thermal transfer printing technologies for full-color, edge-to-edge card printing.

Printing Speed:  Printing speeds can vary, but in general, it’s suitable for small to medium print volumes.

Card Design Software: The printer often comes with card design software to create and customize the layout of your cards. This software may include templates and design tools for creating visually appealing cards.

Connectivity:  The Badgy 200 usually connects to a computer via USB, making it easy to integrate into various environments.

Compact Designs:  It’s designed to be relatively compact and user-friendly, making it suitable for smaller offices or businesses.

Compatibility:  The printer may be compatible with various operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

Consumables:  It uses consumables like color ribbons and blank PVC cards. The capacity of these consumables can affect how many cards you can print before needing to replace them.


Please note that product specifications and features may change over time, and there may be newer models available after my last update.