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FAQ Page2017-07-15T22:03:41-07:00
If I have a question can I call and speak to someone?2016-04-19T10:49:16-07:00

Yes, you can contact our operations manager, Russ Smith at 949-951-3023, or by e-mail at info@plasticardid.com

What is your return policy on printed plastic cards?2016-03-28T18:37:20-07:00

We send artwork to you to sign off on and make any changes on before we start printing. If the printed cards are different than the signed off artwork or defective, we will rerun the job at no cost. If the printed cards are the same as the signed off artwork, Plastic Card ID will not receive any returns.

What is your return policy on plastic card printers and supplies?2016-03-28T18:36:38-07:00

If the printer supplies are defective, you may return them for a full refund within 30 days. If these items are returned and they are not defective, there will be a 15% restocking fee accessed to your account.

What is your Warranty Policy?2016-03-28T18:35:45-07:00

We warrant all of our products and services to be free of defect and in working order for 30 days form the time of purchase.

Can we get a referral before we decide to use your services?2016-03-28T18:34:38-07:00

Absolutely. Contact us and we will provide you with referrals.

What if I have questions on the card printer software?2016-03-28T18:33:45-07:00

We provide a toll free phone number for support to help you successfully learn the software to be able to create templates to print your own designed plastic cards.

How can I learn to use a plastic card printer?2016-03-28T18:32:40-07:00

We have a trained technical staff that has been able to get everyone anywhere in the USA, up and running with our phone support.

What do I need to provide Plastic Card ID if I need them to print my plastic cards for me?2016-03-28T18:30:30-07:00

You must provide us with camera ready art. This can be obtained by contacting a local graphic artist in your phone book.

What type of artwork do I need to provide?2018-09-07T16:24:56-07:00

Your artwork should be print-ready artwork in CMYK color mode, at 300 dpi.

Acceptable file types include:

  • .psd (Adobe Photoshop)
  • .pdf (Adobe PDF)
  • .eps
  • .tiff
  • .ai

Artwork General Guidelines

What card sizes and thicknesses are available?2016-03-28T18:27:57-07:00

We print standard credit-card sized cards, also known as CR80 cards, with dimensions of 3.375? x 2.125?. Our cards are 30mil thick, which is the thickness of a standard credit card. We can any size plastic card. We also can print any type of plastic cards used, like proximity cards, plastic post card, mailers, cards with key tags attached or just key tags alone.

What does Plastic Card ID offer?2017-05-17T23:26:14-07:00

We can print your plastic cards for you or provide plastic card printers so you can print your own cards. We offer supplies for the card printers as well. Our business centers on plastic card printing and personalization.


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