Lets discuss the advantages to starting a plastic gift card program and plastic loyalty card program for your customers.

Businesses that provide a plastic gift card or a plastic loyalty card to their best customers may see a huge increase in both sales, repeat sales and customer loyalty and customer referrals.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits associated with implementing a customer loyalty program in practically any type of business.

  • Identify Your Best Customers

Merchants have the opportunity to learn exactly what their customers are purchasing by virtue of a magnetic stripe or an embedded microprocessor chip on the plastic loyalty cards.

Let’s now discuss some marketing strategies merchants can employ when using customer gift cards and customer loyalty cards to increase both traffic and sales. After-all sales is the ultimate result we all seek.

  • Points Reward Program for Your Loyal Customers

Customers earn points on current purchases that can be applied toward future purchases. This makes your customer feel special that they are receiving something unique that no other person has.

Employ special point programs such as double points during your slow seasons. Perhaps your business is seasonal, or, is affected by certain holidays, weather, etc. This helps drive additional ales during slow periods.

Redeem additional referral points. This is where your loyal customers become a silent sales force.  Your loyal customers will receive additional reward points added to their gift or loyalty card for each referral such as their friends, family, relatives and associates they bring to you that becomes a new paying customer.

Let’s now discuss additional ways to use a Gift Card or Loyalty Card Other Ways to Use a Loyalty Card

  • Customer data about when customers shop, what they buy and how much they typically spend can be used to tailor your loyalty program to identify and reward those customers who spend the most time and money in your business. The merchant will use the customer gift card and customer loyalty card program effectively to collect information on customers’ purchasing history and behavior.
  • Businesses can also create a “Members Only” customer loyalty program for loyalty card holders that receive special relates sales and promotions.

Business owners who use a plastic gift card or plastic loyalty card program Loyalty card programs should see their sales increase on a steady basis. Rewarding your best customers is like building a top- notch sales force for your business without the added employee expenses.

Plastic cards will give you a competitive edge over your competition. Customers will hold onto a plastic card but throw away a paper card. Plastic cards offers’ your customers value and quality paper cards don’t have. Plastic cards are proven to increase revenue and bring new clients to your business.

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