Custom printed loyalty cards can increase revenues for your business. How? Loyalty cards boost your business revenues because they increase the amount of a single sale by an individual customer, they bring the individual customer back more often, and they increase the number of customers.

This article will further explore the reasons to introduce plastic loyalty cards in your business.

Plastic loyalty cards induce higher sales with an individual customer.  The reason for this is simple. At the store, the customer already knows that they are going to pay with the gift card. By the time they have gotten to the store they also realized that they can only use the card in this particular store, or this chain. So they will spend more, buying items they would normally buy elsewhere. In fact, the statistics show that an average customer with the loyalty/gift card spends 50% more at the grocery store and 20% more at the clothing stores.

Loyalty cards bring in an individual customer more often. Unlike credit cards, a plastic loyalty card can only be redeemed at your business location.  Once the owner becomes aware of the fact, they feel a need to come to your store more often to take advantage of the idle money which cannot be spent anywhere else. Also, the individual customer is reminded of your store every time they open their wallet or purse where they hold their business and gift cards.  It is subconscious influence at its best.

Gift cards increase the number of customers. Plastic loyalty/gift cards also encourage viral marketing. First off, many times a plastic loyalty/gift card will be bought as a gift card, that is, bought by one person and given to the friend. Often, the buyer will be your customer, and the buyer will have a certain level of assurance that the recipient will like the gift card and will have good use for it. So, your business gains a new, potential long term customer fueled with the product accolades of their friend.

Check out to setup your new plastic loyalty cards with the latest options and improved security. Because as explained above, custom printed loyalty cards would increase your business as a local store, chain, or shop.