Companies facing tough competition in the open market today will do what they can to increase their sales and revenue. What better way to boost company or business revenues than to launch plastic cards and key tags. Any identity card given by a retailer to a customer as part of a promotion, or for certain special benefits as part of a loyalty program, are usually in the form of plastic cards and/or key tags.

These cards put the customers at an advantage and allow them to enjoy certain special benefits, albeit merchandise discounts, accumulation of points to redeem later, cash-back offers, and many more.

Types Of Plastic Cards

• Business Cards
These carry the details of a person and are used primarily in official exchanges to convey personal information and contact details.
• Membership Cards
These are given to members of a specific sports or social club to avail their facilities and services round the year.
• VIP Cards
These allow the recognition of clients who are important to the organization to establish a good rapport.
• Discount Cards
These give customers a chance to enjoy special offers and discounts during promotion periods.
• Plastic Key Tags
These are nothing but plastic tags which can be keyed on to any key ring with the sole purpose of it not be lost as well as being carried at all times.
Features of Plastic Cards.
• Frosted Cards
These are business cards with an attractive frosted look to it that does not easily get affected by wear and tear.
• Magnetic Cards
These have a magnetic strip which allows specific data to be saved. These are used in banks as well as in the transportation sectors.
• Embossed Cards
These emboss the names and details of a customer on plastic cards which gives a personal touch and makes them more sophisticated to look at. This is seen in all Debit and Credit Cards provided by banks.
• Smart Cards
These are known as a ‘chip cards’ or ‘an integrated circuit card’ which functions as a microprocessor as well as a memory card. They can be used to store data as well as for authentication purposes.
• Metallic Cards
Offer a stylish and smart look to any business card and the customers will be more than happy to own one. This too is made of plastic (PVC) but gives a metallic look to the card.
• Die Cut Cards

These allow retailers to customize their cards according to their own designs, specific to their choice of color, shape and pattern.
In our modern world it is extremely important to take every possible business opportunity to stand out from all your competitors. Plastic business cards and plastic key tags are the best ways to do that.

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