Business loyalty cards are now a common practice offering to consumers both online and through brick-and-mortar businesses ways to save money for consumers and ways to conduct business for many industries such as airlines, hotels, recreation, entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, food and beverage, coffee shops, bakeries, museums, clothing, convenience stores, gas stations, fast food establishments and just about any online and brick and mortar retailer.

Loyalty cards, membership cards and gift cards band together and offer great savings for consumers as well as create an army of raving fans for the business offering these specialty membership, gift and loyalty cards.
The loyalty card looked for new ways to quickly discover an untapped target market that will create and generate raving fans, repeat business and free advertising in the form of referrals.
When a shopper buys at a store with a loyalty card they feel special and expect to receive a special offer other shoppers without the special loyalty card does not hold. That is why loyalty cards, membership cards and gift cards once started are almost impossible to give up.

Loyalty, membership and gift cards are popular with businesses because it helps with the bottom-line ROI, increased sales and revenue, identify their customers, create a sense of exclusivity, and reward their best customers.
This author with suggests all businesses offer some form of a loyalty card for their consumers.

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