Plastic ID card lanyards can help preserve your employee ID cards from dirt, tear, soil and damage. Most employee ID cards are made from plastic therefore, carrying your ID card in your pocket may damage them.

Lanyards allow your ID card more protection from any damage. Additionally, some employment facilities and schools require employees to scan and or swipe their employee ID cards. ID card lanyards make it easier to hold your card when scanning or swiping.

Plastic card ID lanyards can also be a fashion statement for those fashionistas looking to match the id card lanyards with your daily outfits. Many lanyards come in a variety of attractive designs.

Here are some low-cost ID card lanyard tips to choose from:

First: The lanyard strap. When choosing a lanyard strap choose between widths and materials. For example, narrow to wide vinyl straps, synthetic cords, beads and beaded chains.

Depending on how and where you will be using the id card lanyards will also depend on the type of width and material you may use for your plastic card id lanyard. For Example: Beaded ID card lanyards are most popular among private schools, college students and teachers.

Second: The lanyard holder. We may see a variety of lanyard holders such as clips and straps. If you need to swipe your card throughout the day in a variety of departments and or locations than the clip is recommended by this author