Retailers looking to increase their company brand, business awareness, increase in sales conversions, referrals and have customers repeatedly come back will consider offering plastic loyalty cards to their customers.

The customer will carry your loyalty card brand with them as they interact with their social circle. This will allow your business brand to potentially grow through brand awareness referrals. Therefore, each customer that holds in their possession your plastic loyalty card actually becomes a walking and talking billboard on your behalf advertising your business for free.

Customers belong to a special group when they receive plastic cards such as a loyalty card. The customer may receive special discounts, offers and rewards tat others without such a loyalty card can receive.

Therefore, the appeal to offer loyalty cards are definite. Your loyalty card may include the following:

  • Incentives based upon repeat visits
  • Incentives based upon spending habits
  • Card Holder specials
  • Referral based rewards
  • Store credits
  • Much more…. (each business can set their own loyalty rewards)

In conclusion, retailers offering a loyalty card program will benefit greatly in more ways than one. Advertising is very costly today and this is a great method to market your business without great expense.

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