If your small business isn’t setup with a loyalty card and gift card program, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness, conversion sales and profits.

Regardless if you are a small business to a large corporation ranging from restaurants, beauty salons, service companies to larger retailers and chain corporations, etc. businesses today are jumping aboard the plastic card marketing strategy understanding the value plastic gift cards and plastic loyalty cards offer both to your company and to your customers.

Plastic cards such as gift cards and loyalty cards are no longer just for special occasions and holidays, they are now used as a means to increase your business overall revenue stream and simultaneously showing your customers and potential customers how much you value their business and relationship by awarding your customers with specials that are not advertised to the general public. This will help not only bring in additional revenues throughout the year but will also spread our brand throughout the customer card holders internal network bringing you more loyal fans.

This is why offering gift cards and plastic loyalty cards can bring in more sales conversions but also consumers using gift cards typically spend more meaning more money to your business which will increase your ROI by having your customers encourage their friends, family and associates to shop at your establishment.

There are many other benefits to offering gift and loyalty cards:

  • Increase conversions sales
  • Increase “POS” point of sale purchases
  • Increase Impulse buying
  • Increase gift buying
  • Increase larger purchases
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase customer relationships
  • Increase consumer base
  • Increase loyal fans
  • Increase spreading the word through consumers
  • Increase consumer base
  • Reduce your returns or merchandise churn
  • Reduce cash back on returns
  • Reduce reverse credit card charges
  • Reduce credit card return charges.

Therefore, plastic gift cards and loyalty cards and implements gift card and loyalty card programs for your dedicated customer base will help you not only build relationships and a bond of dedication between your business and the consumer; you can also target the customers you want in order to generate and create a genuine and dedicated customer marketing base without having to pay for sales employees due to the customers spreading the plastic card value they feel they received by word-of-mouth to their friends family and associates, What a great way to promote a business at no additional marketing cost to you.

In closing: Plastic business cards should always convey your business, your service and products and, message clearly. When people look at your plastic cards for the first time, the Customer will have a great first impression of your business.

By distributing custom plastic business cards for your business, you’re creating a positive image and impression, conveying important information about your services and products as well as, showing your Customers that their support to your business is very important to you.

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