Most people do not even know what to call them; they just know that they are the things that people wear around their necks to keep their security badges in place. Badge lanyards are used in more and more work places across the country as more employers understand the importance of having a secure work environment.


The usual customizable lanyard is nothing more complicated than a string or rope made into a loop with some sort of clip at the bottom that allows a security, work badge, or pass to attach to it. It is easier to use these devices to keep track of an important key card or other identification card as opposed to sticking these in your pocket, wallet or purse.


The lanyard has been around for quite a long time. It is not some new-fangled invention or improvement on an old design, but because it is so simple, there is really no end to the kind of things that it can be used for. Keychain lanyards have been increasingly showing up recently in light of mandated Covid-19 increased safety measures, an upswing in acts of global violence, and for the basic tried and true need for easier access to keys in the workplace.


No matter what the reason these little strings with the clip can attach to almost anything that you would feel comfortable dangling from your neck or wrist. It is no surprise that schools and universities have started using these as personalized giveaways for their various new incoming students to use as they see fit. For some schools the lanyards have become synonymous with the student ID.


The kids walk around with their ID cards always showing, meaning easy access for security or staff to see whether or not the kid is actually supposed to be there. This can also work for any home sporting events. Instead of taking tickets, they simply scan the student identification hanging at the end of their badge lanyard and everyone is good to go.


The lanyards are becoming standard fair in all major corporations as well. Large companies are fully aware that there might be some competitor who would like nothing more than to see exactly how their operation works from the inside. Making sure that every employee of a certain company must have their badges handy at all times makes sure that the company’s security can tell at a glance whether or not those who are there belong.


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