Embossed Business Cards – Promote Yourself With Quality

With the pandemic world and global economy getting back on their feet, you might find yourself looking for a new job. So where can you start? There are plenty of ways to promote yourself out in the modern business world. First step for self promotion — Your Business Card. An embossed business card is exactly what you need to help jumpstart your career back into full gear. The power of a business card is undistinguishable. It’s an old-fashioned method to promote and introduce yourself as a serious professional.

Plastic Card Embosser Basics. It is highly likely that at this point many of you are asking: What is a plastic card embosser & why should I use one? Glad you asked — Card embossers are designed for use with PVC plastic cards which are commonly used in the banking, healthcare and security industries. Essentially, a plastic card embosser provides a card with raised print which produces a card that gives an image of quality and value.
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Plastic Card Design Ideas. To assist you in designing your embossed business cards, keep these tips in mind. If you want to stay classic it is a safe choice to use a simple black and white template mentioning your contact information. A creatively designed business card can speak a lot about yourself as an individual.

High quality full color printing will bring your creative designs to life. Vibrant and immaculate colors should be used along with contrast hues for your template. A full color customized embossed card can reflect your personal portfolio. Choose to use bold colors if you are a freelance artist, or use simplistic designs if you want to reflect your personal image.

Use different fonts for your name and contact information while keeping the overall theme similar. Emboss a plastic card design that is not too large or too small, as you want to avoid overly distracting from your name and contact information.

The specialty about using embossed plastic card designs is that you can give raised or lowered effects to any text, image or logo of your choice. This effect is an individualistic and unique way to give your business card a touch of luxury. Be as creative as you like! Give your business card a bold and out-there one of a kind design. You can choose to use an ink printing overlay on top of your embossed design or choose to leave it without any ink printing.

While customizing your card, keep in mind that even if you want to keep your design simple, it’s essential to use colors to keep your card from being bland or unremarkable. Use splashes of color on certain areas of your card such as your name, or a specific company image or logo.

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