Counter top sign holders are a must have today to increase awareness of the products and services a company offers. For retail and commercial environments, clear acrylic sign holders are designed to project your promotional message and generate new business. Counter top displays are often used to advertise new product promotions, special events, designer brands, restaurant menus, daily specials, CDC mask requirements, and much more.

Whatever your particular industry is, there is an acrylic sign holder to meet your marketing, presentation, health and safety guidelines, or promotional need. Many counter top sign displays are combined with pockets that provide a place to hold business cards, brochures, or other literature to further describe the product or feature on display. Additionally, some acrylic products even allow you to create custom designs with your own personalized logos imprinted on them. Acrylic signage products are ideal for promotional applications because they are cost-effective marketing tools.

• Single panel sign holders are popular advertising products because they are extremely low priced to fit every budget. These clear counter top sign frames are best suited for restaurants, banks, libraries, or hotels to promote their business. Many counter top acrylic displays are designed to sit on an angle for the consumer to view the graphics easily. This provides an excellent opportunity to promote a new sale or special advertisement effortlessly. Plus, they allow you to just slip your graphic in the back for quick changes. Top loading and bottom loading single panel sign displays are typically double sided, enabling you to display 2 promotions or specials at the same time. These holders are most commonly seen on retail counters or in food service establishments. The bottom loading sign frames are often referred to as T-style because the frame and base meet to form a “T”. Inserting and removing advertisements with any of the these sign holders is very simple.

• Sign holders with multiple panels are sold in various styles and sizes. They can show as many as 8 graphics or as little as 2, depending on your promotional needs. These sign holders consist of either bi-fold, tri-fold or quad-fold panels and some are even designed to rotate on a spindle. Advertisements are quickly inserted from either the top or bottom, allowing for fast graphic changes. These multi-panel sign holders allow you to display a multitude of information in a small area, like on dining tables with limited space or on retail checkout counters.

• Another popular
style of counter top sign holder includes a pocket for business cards or literature that is conveniently attached to the frame. These acrylic sign frames are available with vertical, angled, or curved frames, depending on your particular establishment’s decor and your own personal style. In most cases, the attached pockets are perfectly sized to accommodate for standard sized business cards, brochures, or leaflets. The clear sign holders with pockets showcase your advertising message, while simultaneously providing the consumer with literature to take away with them. Consumers are more likely to remember your brand and understand exactly what you have to offer, by reading the additional information at their leisure.

Clear acrylic sign holders convey messages to the general public in several commercial and retail settings. Sign holders are highly versatile and function as important advertising tools in numerous situations. These point of purchase sign frames will help you make a lasting impression at any event, cafe, restaurant, or retail store. Whether you decide to invest in single panel displays, multi panel sign displays, or combination brochure holders and sign frames, you are taking the right step to promote your business in an essential yet cost-effective way.

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