Businesses reopening in our pandemic times must operate with newly added safety features designed to protect the health of employees, customers and visitors.  One of the best ways to shield your business, and keep it safe, is with the use of a contagiant shield/barrier. Below are some common shields purchased by reopening businesses.

The Guardiant Shield.  This tri-panel countertop screen is ideal for grocery and retail settings.  It is built to reduce the spread of contagious and airborne germs commonly spread by coughing and sneezing. Stop the spread of germs at the checkout!

The Safeguard Screen.  This curved screen provides a low cost protection barrier for the operator and customer.  The screen design is adjustable and easily installed.  Encourage happy customer experiences with minimal disruptions with the use of this barrier.

The Front-Line Shield.  This lightweight, freestanding shield provides a protective barrier for person-to-person interactions.  Further, it is a shield for sneeze protection between the cashier and the customer.

Research, review and purchase essential contagiant shields/barriers for your business today at Plastic Card ID. Visit them at or call them at 866-483-5045. Shield your business today to keep it safe with the purchase of a Contagiant Shield/Barrier!