• Gift cards and Loyalty Cards drive more business.
  • On the average, approximately 85% of gift cardholders never spend the full value of their cards. Therefore, what they don’t spend goes directly to your business bottom line profit.
  • Gift cards and Loyalty cards are rising in popularity with both retailers and consumers.
  • On the average, consumers of age will hold up to five or more gift cards.
  • Approximately 60% of the consumers that use plastic Gift Cards and plastic Loyalty cards spend more than the initial value of their card
  • More than half of consumers are now using Gift cards.

As a business owner and retailer, if you are interested to grow your business, grow your brand, create consumer raving fans then it is obvious that your business will have many positive gains from using a gift card program,

Additional Benefits for Plastic Cards:

  • Plastic cards use multiple levels of customized security
  • Accountability ad reporting on pc-based systems.
  • Paperless transactions – reduce transaction time and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Customer loyalty:
  • Cash-back cards and Rewards cards allow you to put reward dollars back onto the card which increases both customer participation and your bottom line.
  • Customer loyalty points without charging any transaction fees. This is where you can create your own point and reward system online through your pc system.
  • No cash back and no refunds. You can simply put the money on a gift card for your store instead of giving out refunds to your customers.
  • Give your customers an incentive to return and spend more than what’s on their cards.
  • Increased visibility of your store brand. You can custom design your card to keep your business on your customers mind.
  • Plastic cards now have efficient and flexible custom designs.
  • Low Operating Costs.

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