Fargo Premium Black Ribbon 44231


✓Premium black (K) monochrome resin ribbon in cartridge
✓Premium resin ribbons are recommended over standard resin ribbons for printing bold, easy-to-read barcodes
✓Includes cleaning roller
✓1000 prints per roll

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Fargo 44231 premium black resin (K) ribbons are monochrome (1-color) ribbons. The ribbon is housed in an easy-to-use cartridge, which also includes a cleaning roller. Fargo 44231 premium black resin ribbons are primarily used for printing text and one-color line art on one or both sides of a PVC card. If you’ll be printing barcodes, a premium resin ribbon like the 44231 is recommended, for bolder, easier-to-read barcodes. Fargo 44231 ribbon is for use with the following Fargo printers: ✓DTC400 ✓DTC400e

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