Plastic Card Embossers

Plastic Card ID offers new and used plastic card embossers.

ID card embossers are designed for use with PVC plastic cards used for banking, health care, security, and other applications that have the need for raised print. When using a plastic card embosser, you can produce a card that gives an image of Quality and Value.

Whether you need a plastic card embosser to produce 5 cards a month or 5000 cards, we have the right ID card embosser for you.

Plastic Card ID offers:

  • Some of the Worlds Lowest Prices on Plastic Card Embossers
  • Complete Technical Support and Training
  • Fast Delivery (ID card embossers are in stock)
  • All plastic card embossers have Warranties
  • Reconditioned plastic card embossers that Save You Thousands of Dollars!
Plastic Card Embossers

Automatic Embossers

The Maxima Series of Card Embossers

For higher volume electric card embossers, we carry the full line of Maxima series card embossers: Maxima 991, Maxima 861, Maxima 841, Maxima 821, and Maxima 621.

The Maxima 841 can emboss at speeds of over 200 cards per hour. An automatic feed embossing system with electronic logic. The encoding option and infill/indent make it a versatile machine ideally suited for health care facilities, banks and retailers. A key feature of the Maxima Series is the “brain,” a powerful 128k microprocessor, which can access up to 1MB of memory for almost limitless expansion.

Automatic Embossers

Manual Embossers

CCS 200/300 Manual Embosser

The embossing quality of the CCS 200/300 equals that of any electronic machine. It is perfect for personalizing of ATM cards and small volume embossing jobs for gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, photo ID cards, and hospital cards.

Description and Features

68 characters inside the machine, including:

  • English Characters: From A~Z
  • Digital Characters: 0~9,plus: ?, $,NO,.
  • Small characters: &, `, ’, ., -, /, (, )
  • Digital LCD Characters:0-9
  • Big characters:,•,/,/,?,?
  • Correcting characters: ¦,¦
  • Character standard – Characters set specially for international credit card with ISO standard
  • 2 Intervals – 1/7 ” 1/10 ” (only for small character)

Suitable for use on standard plastic card size: CR-80

  • Volume L340 x W270 x H165mm
  • Weight Net Weight 8.5Kg Total Weight: 10KG

Special Low Price Offer

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CM-30 Tipper Manual Embosser

  • $1695
  • Weight 10 lbs.
  • Height 9″
  • Width 10 1/2″
  • Depth 10 1/4″
Manual Embossers
standard plastic card

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