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Plastic Reward Cards

Great for Customer Retention

Plastic Card ID can make customize reward cards for your Rewards Program. Create a visually appealing reward card to make sure that your customers always remember your company’s name.

Merchant Benefit

  • Immediate increase in customer retention
  • Immediate increase in sales
  • Stronger customer buy-in response
  • Understand your demographics through reporting
  • Market to your clients with improved customer database
  • Stronger referrals
  • Increased revenue – improved bottom-line
  • Ease of use at POS for customer and sales staff

Consumer Benefit

  • Immediate reward for sign up
  • The more they stay loyal the more rewards received
  • Consumer is differentiated with an elite status based on frequency

Reward Cards Are:

  • 30 mil thickness
  • Printed two sided or single sided
  • Additional features (signature panel, scratch-off panel, magnetic strip, barcode, variable data,and embossing).
  • Outfitted with the latest technology, we are ready to outfit your new loyalty cards with premium options to enhance security, make them compatible with your POS software, and increase your customer adoption rate.

Below are some of our premium loyalty card options

  • Magnetic stripes, with or without encoding
  • Scratch off panels
  • Individual numbering and personalization
  • Barcode printing (several formats available)
  • Durable selection of finishes
  • Custom die cut shapes
  • Embossing and tipping
  • High impact foil stamping
  • Colored and fluorescent plastic cards stocks
  • Writable backs and signature panels
  • Various card thicknesses (great for reward punch cards)

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Plastic Reward Cards
Plastic Reward Cards
Plastic Reward Cards
Plastic Reward Cards

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