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Plastic Loyalty Cards

Great for Your Business

Loyalty card programs increase revenues and build brand awareness. Plastic Card ID can setup your new loyalty cards with the latest options and improved security. can add a special touch to your plastic loyalty cards by litho printing on white plastic cards, clear plastic cards, frosted cards, or metallic silver and gold cards. We can add spot colors or use 4-color process for a unique appearance.

Advantages of using Plastic Loyalty and Rewards Cards

  • Loyalty card programs increase Revenues and build Brand Awareness
  • Loyalty Cards keep customers from defecting – Customers buy from you not your competitors
  • Plastic Loyalty Card customers will make additional purchases with your company
  • Plastic Loyalty Cards give you insight into customer behavior and their preferences
  • Loyalty cards will tell you which plastic loyalty program works better than others
  • Plastic loyalty cards keeps you in touch with your clients
  • Loyalty cards rewards your most devoted clients, more than clients who use your service less often
  • Loyalty programs Attract New Customers
  • Loyalty cards helps you target your specific market
  • Loyalty cards will increase your product and service awareness
  • Plastic Loyalty cards offers a feeling of belonging and membership with your clients

Our Loyalty Card Options

  • Scratch Off Panels
  • Magnetic Stripes, encoding optional
  • Numbering and personalization
  • Large Selection of finishes
  • Custom die-cut shapes
  • Embossing Available
  • High Impact Foil Stamping
  • Colored Plastic Cards Available
  • Signature Panels and Writeable Backs
  • Numerous Available Card Thickness
  • Key tag & Card Combinations Benefits of Loyalty Cards

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Plastic Loyalty Cards
Plastic Loyalty Card
Plastic Loyalty Cards
Plastic Loyalty Card
Plastic Loyalty Cards
Plastic Loyalty Card

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