Fargo YMCK Printer Ribbon 84051


Fargo YMCK Ribbon,HDP5000 (500 Prints)
?YMCK color ribbon
?500 prints per roll
?Fargo 84051 ribbon is for use with HDP5000 card printers

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Fargo 84051 YMCK ribbons consist of yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) panels for printing a full spectrum of colors by combining the colors using varying degrees of heat. The K panel is a black resin panel, typically used for printing text and barcodes. Fargo 84051 YMCK ribbons are used for printing a combination of full-color images and one-color text or barcodes. The Fargo 84051 ribbon is for use with the HDP5000 series of card printers, and must be used in conjunction with HDP film for HDP5000 printers.

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