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Protect the health of your Employees, Customers and Visitors with…

Contagiant Shield / Barriers

Help maintain a physical barrier while reopening business. Safeguard your employees and customers while still allowing face to face interaction.

Employers can demonstrate due diligent and minimize their potential legal risks by implementing sneeze and germ shields. Below are common shields purchased by reopening businesses. If you would like to learn more click on the blue links for each product.

Guardian Shield

The APG Guardiant Shield is a product with hinges that can be adjusted to change the angle, and the panels do fold down to a 3 inch thickness for shipping / storage.

HSW66915 – APG, GUARDIANT, NCNR, TRI-PANEL COUNTERTOP SCREEN, 6’6″ X 3′ clear acrylic, with window opening OF 8.25″ wide X 13.75″ tall, with adjustable feet. The cost is $695.00 plus shipping.

The Guardiant Shield is ideal for grocery, convenience and retail settings and is built to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other contagious, airborne germs com­monly spread by coughing or sneezing.

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SafeGuard Screen

Low cost protective barrier for POS

  • Curved screen provides excellent protection for operator and customer
  • Design provides for easy customer access to payment terminal
  • Screen position can be adjusted to suit preferred working height thanks to VESA mounting
  • Simple design minimizes installation overhead
  • Minimal disruption to retail operations and the customer experience
  • SafeGuard solutions to fit a variety of existing SpacePole solution configurations

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Front-Line POS Shield

Protective Sneeze barrier between cashier & customer

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Lightweight, Freestanding Shield

Protective Barrier for person-to-person interaction

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At Plastic Card ID we understand how challenging reopening your business can be.

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