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Got the Cards today. They look GREAT! I'm soo excited to give them out.

I'll let you know when we need to order another 1000.

Jane Yi, LPGA
Vice President and General Manager
Cross Creek Golf Club

quick and efficient

Just wanted to say that our order looks GREAT-thank you for making our lunch lines fast and efficient! We are getting rave reviews for the grommet on each card too.

Adam Schaefer
Network Operations Manager
Success Academy Charter Schools - New York



quick and efficient

We've received the cards and they're great! Thank you so much for being so quick and efficient.

Grace Deissroth
VIP Hostess
Stratus Roof Top Lounge, at the Hotel Monaco



We love the cards! Thanks for great, professional service and quick turnaround.

Wendy Burrell
Marketing Manager
ANTHONY Plumbing, Heating and Cooling



You all are awesome!!

Thanks so very much.  You all are awesome!  Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Carol Christini, M.A.,
Insurance Management Services, Inc



They look awesome!!

"I got the cards a few minutes ago and they look AWESOME!!!

Bev K. Garvin
Director of Marketing & PR
Diamond Doctor
Official Jeweler of the Dallas Cowboys



Printed plastic cards look great!

"Hey just wanted to drop a little thank you, cards look great!! Thanks again for all your help."

Ken Thompson
Yellow Basket Restaurant


The final cards arrived today; they are perfect.

We couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again to you and Karen at the printers for your patience with us through the process. Hopefully our business will grow fast enough that we need to reorder sooner than we think.

John Laur
IT Director
Energy Net



Fast turn-around time

"Thank you guys so much for your outstanding job, efforts, and fast turn-around time. We greatly appreciate it." 

Fatima Hammodi
PrintFacility, Inc.
Jersey City, NJ



Great Help from Dustin in the Tech Department. . .

"Thank you for all your help.  It has been a great purchase and benefit to me.  It has been a great product and easy to work with.   I appreciate also the great help I have had from Dustin in the tech department also.  I am very glad that I chose to do business with you." 

Gwen Prescott
Child Nutrition Director
Duchesne School District


In Six months we have paid for the printer several times over...

"Russ, I cannot tell you how great it has been to have our own gift card printer.  We are a small video game store and we try to set ourselves apart from the huge chains that treat people like a number.  We have always tried to create personal relationships with our customers and make them feel special, which they are. 

Some parts of our business have failed miserably and others have thrived.  I would say that the facet of our business that has thrived the most is our gift cards and custom gift cards.  I am constantly asked where we get our cards, and it is great to tell people that we print them right here!  We do custom birthday gift cards for kids birthdays where we put their picture on them, donation cards to local schools where we put the school logo on them (along with ours!), we have post season team parties at our location and even print cards that have the team photo on them. 

The best thing is that we have the flexibility to change the theme of our gift cards and then print them as we need them.  For example, I did a Valentine's Day card and printed 6 of them to see if they would sell.  We weren't sure if moms would buy a video game gift card for their kids for Valentine's Day.  What we found out is they don't…but the great thing is we did not waste a bunch of money ordering a 1000 cards to find this out.  We also printed a Holiday Themed card that was traditional green and red and ended up selling about 250 of those.  It has been fun to play with different layouts and do special cards for each holiday and event that we have. 

Anyway…we made the decision when we started our business to invest in one of these printers, and in 6 months we have paid for the printer several times over.  Thanks for your help!"

Chris Hatter
Game On


Cards look great! ... light-years ahead of the ones we’ve produced ourselves

"I was very pleased with how smoothly everything went and I know it can sometimes be risky dealing with an unknown web vendor.  I’m glad I gave your company a try.

Cards look great!  It was a pleasure dealing with you all.  Our membership cards look light-years ahead of the ones we’ve produced ourselves the last few years.  We’ll be sure to contact you next year when planning for our renewals." 

Julie Maurer
Jacket Backers Booster Club


I am BEYOND overjoyed at how easy the software is to use and manipulate

"I want to write to say how WONDERFUL the Evolis Pebble Card Printer was for our first custom card party last Friday night, June 10, 2005. The product is just plain AWESOME!!!

Thank you for all you did to make the machine a reality for our nightclub. We have several happy guests with their VIP cards with name and color photo on the card.

I am BEYOND overjoyed at how easy the software is to use and manipulate. Now that we have done the customer cards, we are on to printing staff badges!!! Thanks again for everything!!!"

Milton H. Gaines
Special Projects Manager
Circus Disco/Hollywood Arena


technical Support made the set up easy

"We got the Eltron P310 Printer from Plastic Card ID. We have found it to be very useful for making our membership cards. I would recommend Plastic Card ID for anyone who needs to make membership cards. It is easy to set up and use and we got all the necessary support from them to do this."

Randy Eldridge
Honeywell Aerospace
Torrance, CA


Travel Agency Membership Cards

"Eltron P310 Printer from Plastic Card ID for our travel agency to make membership cards. We have been happy with the Eltron P310 Printer and the membership cards they have produced."

Erica Chaney
World View Travel
Arlington, TX

I print 50,000 plastic cards per week

"... I print as many as 50,000 plastic cards per week... using the Eltron P310i printers...

Plastic Card ID sold us 7 printers in the last 6 months.  We have been happy with their service & prices. 

I would recommend Plastic Card ID to anyone who needs to use a card printer to print their own plastic cards."

Michael Petrone
Tendercard in MA